Redefine the way you travel

All your trips. All your friends. All in one app.

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Connect with friends and friends of friends - no matter where you go

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We travel to people not places

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Inspire and be inspired by creating and finding footprints around the world.

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If being able to see and discover people, photos, and stories from all over the world wasn't enough...

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Communicate with people in your network

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Find places to sleep, eat, drink and see

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Find and book flights all over the world

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A team of passionate people trying to change the way people travel.

Guy Nakamura

Guy Nakamura

Business Development
While studying at Berkeley, Guy was responsible for running and growing multiple organisations. He hopes to use this experience to help all travel better with unPaved.
David Smith

David Smith

Design & iOS Dev
David started designing at 12 when he fell in love with competitive robotics. Since then he's used his skills to build multiple businesses and work across the globe.
Matt Lunn

Matt Lunn

Lead Engineer
Matt has almost 10 years experience programming across the web stack. He has a special place in his heart for JavaScript, and air miles.
Ben Davies

Ben Davies

Non-Executive Director
Co-founder of Hinde Capital and Variant Perception. Ben brings his business experience to the team to help guide the company's growth and direction.

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